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What we are knitting and thinking about:

Black Sheep Gathering!

Not purchased but admired:

Nicole's Lineal Cardigan

Nicole's Latifa scarf

More knit dreaming


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Finishing abounds! Sweaters and tees and skirts have all been finished since we last spoke to you. We've cast on, dreamt about, and abandoned a few things along the way. Yarn has been purchased from near, far, and very far. Fiber has been transformed by flowers. All clothing is deemed adventurous.

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Episode 162: Sleeves off!

Jenny finishes a big FO and Nicole knits and reknits her latest FO. We confess what we bought and didn't buy. Nicole talks about her other crafting and travels in NY state. Jenny casts on at least one more sweater. And we contemplate sleeveless knits for July.

Jenny's Marklee
Nicole's Miele
After the Rain
Mira pullover
Zinone (Nicole's version)
A Frame Skirt (Nicole's version)
Overdyed baby clothes
Brooklyn General
Fulton Fabrics
MTA Museum
Shibui Twig
Sleeveless bundle
Construction Zone
Evening Calm
Jenny's Bambusa top
Il Grande Favorito
A Verb for Keeping Warm Pioneer
Whisper Cardigan (but I meant Featherweight Cardigan)

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